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Have you completed your Parish Plan Questionnaire?

on Tue, 28/06/2011 - 4:54pm

Hopefully you have all now received your Parish Plan questionnaire, but if not please let the Parish Plan Steering Group know and they will arrange a copy for you. Email them by clicking <here>.

The Parish Plan Steering Group would be grateful if everyone could complete the form (with all family members, if possible) and hand it back to the volunteers that delivered it to you. Please email the Steering Group <here> if your completed questionnaire hasn't been collected within a couple of weeks of receiving it.

The Parish Plan Steering Group are already starting to load the data, so that the analysis of the opinions of all parishioners can begin. Ideally, the Steering Group would like to try and get a 100% return on the questionnaires, as this may give the plan more leverage with outside agencies.

For residents with younger children there is an Art Competition where the winning exhibit will feature in the final published Parish Plan. Details attached to the questionnaire.

Not only does our opinion count but you can also win £100, simply by completing the questionnaire.

You can discover more about the proposed Parish Plan by clicking this (external) link:-