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Yvonne Constance Update (9/21), County Councillor for Shrivenham (inc. Sparsholt)

on Fri, 24/09/2021 - 3:39pm

From County Cllr Yvonne Constance:-


CIVIL PARKING ENFORCEMENT (CPE) will be installed in South and Vale from November, and Cherwell too.   This was my personal initiative in post at OCC and it will transform parking problems in our district, enabling District Councils to enforce on-street parking offences, currently possible only by the police.

20 mph SPEED LIMIT  (in all towns/villages wanting safer limits) is being  trialled in 5 locations : Cuxham will be first in mid-Sept; Long Wittenham, Wallingford Central, Wallingford North and Kirtlington wil follow.    Hope we will be able to introduce soon, so we must watch for any opportunity to apply.

SPEEDWATCH will be much needed to enforce any new limit, as well as current speed limits.  Thames Valley Police  (TVP) are working to install the revived scheme during the autumn.  They are building Community Speedwatch Teams ( based on those volunteers who came forward before) and Shrivenham and Faringdon will be in the trial areas.  

Its good to know that SPEEDWATCH is on the way and Parish Councils will do well to start thinking about  possible shared schemes. It will all be run directly by TVP who         expect huge numbers of applicants when/if the scheme is authorised at end of the trials.   It will be activated in Buck, Berks and Oxfordshire and plans to prosecute any driver ( by reg.number) who is recorded speeding 3 times by any SPEEDWATCH camera in these counties.

CONSULTATIONS for response :   ( details emailed to in the OCC press releases)

REVIEW HWRCs :  STANFORD TIP needs responses from all residents in my Division to support the tip through the County’s Review.  In my time OCC made a really good contract with W&S ( the disposal transporter) and we were able to keep all 7 tips open.  But the formal strategy is still to consider reducing 7tips to 3 or 4, which puts Stanford in question again.   Please let County Council know how important Stanford tip is. . . .in our thousands!  This Review is open until 27th September.

BUS STRATEGY :   OCC is drawing up a new ( rural?) bus strategy to bid for funding from Gov by end October.   A public consultation has recently been opened, so please respond to make the case to restore the local bus service to Letcombe Hill at least!   This opportunity is open only until 13 September

OXFORDSHIRE 2050 consultation is open until 6th October.   This strategic plan will set a countywide vision for development in the County until 2050, and I have urged Parish Councils to respond, especially where there is development potential.   The UK still needs 300,000 new houses each year; Oxon has 50,000 new jobs in last decade, and now estimated to have 11,000 new jobs by 2040 : all will hope to live in Oxon on top of the long-standing need to house keyworkers and provide social housing.

--------------------------------------FYI further information impacting this Division..

A420  and SWINDON BOROUGH COUNCIL  is reviewing its Local Plan and I am pressing OCC to make clear what Oxon’s response will be.   SBC are expecting Amazon to be main distributor at Symmetery Park ( 1 million sq ft ) and now starting process to establish new distribution site ( 675k sq.ft) at the Honda site.   OCC’s interests, and those of all communities along A420 are very much at stake if SBC continues to assume A420 is a freight corridor.   I continue to press to maintain A420 as a LOCAL ROAD : it is quite unsuited to carry the freight currently on the road; any more is unacceptable! 

A420 will feature strongly in OCC’s consultation on new Local Transport Strategy (LTCP5) is due in November/ December this year.  It will be followed by a regional road corridor study on A420/A34 which is major  opportunity to press for real improvement to A34, and require through- HGV-traffic to use M$/A34 and not the A420.

Swindon Borough Council is also reviewing its Local Plan and I hope OCC will have a proper input in response to limit SBC’s ambitions for A420 as a freight corridor.

Yvonne Constance

Provided by Yvonne Constance, 9/21

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