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Unleaded petrol is changing - check if your car will run on E10

on Sat, 07/08/2021 - 2:05pm

From September 2021, the standard, cheapest, unleaded petrol must be a 10% bioethanol mix - so called E10.

The new E10 unleaded is being introduced as part of an attempt to cut carbon emissions.

The government says that 95% of existing petrol cars will be able to switch to the “greener” E10 unleaded without a problem, but some 600,000 cars and scooters and other early vehicles such as campervans – mostly those built in the early 2000s – will not run on the fuel. If your car is one of them, you may have to start buying super-unleaded which retains the 5% bioethanol mix.

The government has committed to selling the E5 super-unleaded fuel for at least five more years.

None of these changes affects diesel car users.

Check if your vehicle can run on E10 petrol:-