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Uffington's White Horse Show Needs Help Managing The Trade Stands

on Fri, 18/01/2019 - 7:35pm

The White Horse Show has raised many thousands of pounds for local good over the years and has supported numerous causes and activities in the parishes of Uffington, Baulking and Woolstone. 

The show is staged by a group of volunteers who form an organising committee. Things run well, but with the natural turnover of people we now no longer have anyone to look after the trade stands.

The traders occupy the large marquee tent and provide a good income for the show. Looking after the traders involves handling bookings (which will come in through our new website), liaising with the traders as required before the event and making sure things run smoothly during the show. Can you help us out here? 

We meet monthly as a committee and very much in an informal sense, organise, plan and then stage the show.  We are a diverse and friendly bunch. 

Please do give me a call if you are interested on 07742 558413.

Callum Skeat - Committee Chair