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Theft of domestic heating oil

on Sun, 17/07/2022 - 5:08pm

With the rising cost of living, there has been recent attempts to steal domestic heating oil from tanks due to its increase in value. TVP are asking all homeowners to remain vigilant & offer the following crime prevention advice:

  • Install an alarm on your heating tank to alert you of a dip in your oil levels – this can alert you from indoors or when you are out through your mobile. Make sure you display a sign above the tank to warn thieves that your tank is alarmed.
  • Put gravel around your tank to make the area noisy so that it deters thieves & draws attention when any attempts are made.
  • Try to hide the location of your tank through adding walls or putting plants around – all concealments must comply with OFTEC fire safety recommendations please see here: Oil Tank Installation - OFTEC Requirements - Direct Water Tanks
  • Lock up your tank with a good quality all-weather padlock & give the code to your fuel supplier for delivery access
  • Install CCTV to monitor your tank & show a visible deterrent for thieves  
  • Install security lighting to brighten the area as many thieves strike in the darkness of night

If see you any suspicious activity or wish to report a theft call the Police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.