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The Star Inn: Statement from the Parish Plan Steering Group

on Thu, 06/10/2011 - 3:50pm

Presented & collated by the Parish Plan Steering Group, from feedback from residents Parish Plan Questionnaires.

For the Attention of Potential Purchasers of The Star and whomever it may concern,

Significant support for the Pub available from local residents

Residents in the Sparsholt Parish, intend to ensure that The Star develops into a vibrant, successful business. There is an overwhelming desire in the community for the pub to remain open. A large number of volunteers are prepared to give time and resources to support any purchaser who is committed to making a success of the business.

The views of residents were obtained in a recent objective survey with a 95% return rate. This survey was undertaken as part of the Parish Planning process for 2011.

80% of residents indicated that keeping the pub open was either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to them. 93 residents indicated that they would be willing to view a community-led business plan with a view to invest their time or money. The perceived decline of the pub in recent years is an emotive issue for many residents, and there is clearly a demand for a quality pub under the right management.

Acting on this feedback, the Parish Plan Steering Group is in the process of constituting a Working Group of local volunteers to develop a business plan that would provide concrete support to any new owner of the pub, and potentially to explore the running of the pub as a community-owned project, if this scenario is required.

Any prospective purchaser is very welcome to discuss any matters related to The Star with representatives from the community.

Significant opposition towards prospective purchasers who wish to close the pub and redevelopment the land

Our survey results are unequivocal: any planning application to develop the Star for residential use would be strongly opposed by the local community and their representatives. Residents groups will take all measures at their disposal to fight any purchaser who wishes to close the pub and capitalise on the property.

It is the intention of the Parish Plan Steering Group to take legal action at the earliest opportunity to nominate The Star as a ‘Vital Community Asset’ under the forthcoming Localism Bill. This will place significant constraints on any attempted future sale of the property that is not in the interests of the local community.

The Parish Plan Steering Group:                   

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Parish Plan Steering Group, 6th October 2011