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St John the Baptist Kingston Lisle - Restoration Update No.20

on Fri, 01/12/2017 - 8:01pm

News from St John the Baptist Kingston Lisle

Dear Kingston Lisle Church Supporter

Please find attached our 20th Restoration Update, as we continue to make progress on the installation of a new pipe organ now that the restoration of the church is complete. This is taking its time given the very limited space and budget available, but our temporary organ provides cover for as long as necessary and we’re determined to make sure that the new organ fits as well as possible, both physically and aurally, into our ancient church.

We have the fullest programme of Christmas services for several decades at Kingston Lisle this year, with our monthly service this Sunday 3rd December, our carol service at 6pm on Sunday 17th December (with the Kingston Lisle Festival Choir), our Midnight Mass at 11.30pm on Christmas Eve and our Family Communion at 10am on Christmas Day (also with the Kingston Lisle Festival Choir).

We wish all our supporters a joyful Christmas and a happy and successful new year
Arthur & Angus