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St John the Baptist Kingston Lisle - Final Restoration Update No.25

on Mon, 03/12/2018 - 4:20pm

News from St John the Baptist Kingston Lisle

Dear Kingston Lisle Church Restoration Supporter

Please find attached our 25th and final restoration update, following the installation of our new organ by David Stalley of the Village Workshop. This follows five years of planning with diocesan organ advisor Barry Williams, DAC secretaries Natalie Merry and Liz Kitch, and various organ builders and organists. We are grateful to them all (especially Barry and Liz) for their unflagging support. 

We also attach a picture from this morning, when the organ was played in by Joe Barber, senior organ scholar at Balliol College Oxford.

Our new organ is a restored, enhanced and recased Walker Type C direct electric action instrument which was originally in a church in London. It’s been configured specifically for the small space and budget available, costing under £35,000 (a new one would have been at least three times this). We think it looks and sounds fabulous. The organ will be dedicated by the Rt Revd Colin Fletcher, Bishop of Dorchester, on 31st March (Mothering Sunday) and we’ll be holding an opening recital for all our wonderful supporters. Following our 31st and final grant, from the ON Organ Fund, and the sale of our temporary organ, we’ve now also completed our fundraising. 

With many thanks again for your support

Arthur & Angus