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Six Days to Cyber Secure

on Tue, 06/10/2020 - 12:12pm

Take one simple step each day this week to secure your personal information online.

To take your first step, which will only take a few minutes, visit the online advice area at which is filled with how-to guides, videos from our Cyber Protect team and help on how to stay safe online.

We'll be releasing the next steps at 12pm each day so make sure you check back for your next action in the six day challenge.

Our Cyber Protect Officers Mark and Katie are on-hand for the next six days to answer any questions you have about the steps you’re taking or about cyber security in general. You can find their contact details on the online area or you can follow them on twitter @TVPCyber_Fraud.

Or, you can join an online question and answer session with them on Thursday evening where they will be answering your questions as well as sharing handy tips and examples of what can go wrong if you’re not cyber secure. To join, simply visit from 7pm on Thursday 8 October.

From an email received from TVP.