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“Save the Roof” Fundraising to replace Griffin Hall's roof - Update June 2017

on Thu, 01/06/2017 - 10:43am

Griffin Hall's roof dates back to the 1950’s, so has lasted well, but unfortunately the time has come for a new roof. 

The Committee have obtained quotations for the work and they range from £25,200 and £31,194 including VAT. These quotations do not include the installation of additional roof insulation. The decision as to what insulation can be installed will be made once the roof is off and the space available can be assessed, as a consequence the total price will increase.

The Committee is making applications to various grant bodies seeking funding, and has held several very successful fund raising events earlier this year. 

Demonstrating community support is a vital part of the grant application process. In addition to fundraising events, the Committee has launched the “Buy a Tile” scheme. For details, please see the form below.

Please support our fundraising events details of which will be advertised on the village noticeboards and within the diary section of this website. Or perhaps you could organise a fund raising event or seek sponsorship for something and donate the money to the Hall.

The Committee hopes to raise enough money for the work to be carried out during August 2017.

You can follow our fundraising progress by checking the “Save the Roof” Ladder displayed on the Hall door.

Provided by Angie Brown