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Reading partners needed at King Alfred's - you could make a real difference

on Mon, 02/07/2018 - 3:17pm

KA's tell us that the challenge increases every year with the number of new students arriving with reading difficulties rising. In September it is anticipated that as many as 20% of new students will have some reading difficulty. From data collected so far from primary schools at least 30 children will need some help with their reading. Some will have a reading ability of a 6 year old.

These children can't fully participate in class especially if the lesson is online and requires reading. They employ strategies to cover up their difficulty. They get left behind find it difficult to be accepted by their peers and become isolated and demotivated. It means that a fresh start at KA's is more difficult and they fall behind rapidly which adversely affects their future career opportunities and their lives.

Lessons are slowed down for the rest of the class as staff have to devote time to help the less able readers.

2 years ago we provided volunteers and we are told it really did make a difference. Last year we provided further support but it didn't happen because of all the upheaval at KA's. Alice is now in place to coordinate the programme and she would like to work with us very much.

All that you are asked to give is half an hour each week. Ideally between 8.40am to 9.10am which frees up the rest of the day. However timing is flexible and alternatives can easily be arranged. We also appreciate that being a reading partner won't suit everyone especially with so many other calls on your time, but if you can promote the scheme and encourage others that will be really helpful and much appreciated.

We have a gift which is free - the ability to read. Let's share it and give some young people a chance with their lives!

You really can make a difference!

Names and contact details to either Linda or John please.

Many thanks for your help.
Best wishes
Linda and John