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Personal Climate Action - What Can You Do?

on Fri, 04/10/2019 - 2:30pm

Personal Climate Action - What Can You Do? 

Following Mike Landy's talk at last month's Sustainable Wantage (click) Green Drinks, he shares his top tips for reducing your own climate impact:

  • Eat less meat. 
  • Minimise your transport emissions – especially flying.
  • Stop and think before you buy – do I really need it?
  • Don't waste – reduce, re-purpose, reuse and recycle.
  • Purchase green energy.
  • Improve your home – insulation, low-energy lighting and appliances, solar, etc.
  • Encourage your employer to do the same at work.
  • Assess your carbon footprint and offset your emissions. Here's an online carbon calculator (click).
  • Ensure your savings and pension are invested ethically.
  • Lobby your local and national representatives.
  • Use your vote.
  • Plant trees (and support organisations that do).
  • Support local and national organisations active on climate.
  • Consider a career change.
  • Educate yourself and spread the word.

Here's a similar list from Radio 4's Woman's Hour:-