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Parish Council Minutes - Wednesday, 4th March 2020

on Tue, 19/05/2020 - 11:42am


Minutes of the Meeting of Sparsholt Parish Council held on

Wednesday 4th March 2020 at Griffin Memorial Hall starting at 7.00pm

Present: Councillors Comyn (Chairman), Barnes and Jones, the Clerk and RFO, DC Barrow and three parishioners.





Apologies:  Cllr Jacobs.



Co-option of new Parish Councillor.  Jon Caudle has resigned and the Casual Vacancy will be advertised.  Co-option will be at the AGM.



Declaration of Acceptance of Office, Declarations of Interest & Reminder of the Code of Conduct:  None.



Minutes for Approval:

Approve the Minutes of the Sparsholt Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 22nd January 2020:  Cllr Comyn proposed acceptance of the minutes, seconded by Cllr Barnes and agreed by Cllr Jones.

Approve the Minutes of the Sparsholt Parish Council Planning meeting held on Monday 6th February 2020:  Cllr Comyn proposed acceptance of the minutes, seconded by Cllr Barnes and agreed by Cllr Jones.



Matters Arising:

  1. Land registry number for the Cemetery:  Ongoing. 
  2. Triangle Woods:  Cllr Jones will plan a meeting with Merlin Swire so will discuss Triangle woods.
  3. Stile repair on the Common:  Cllr Comyn has received a reply from Arthur McEwan-James to say that the bridleway bridge will be replaced at the end of May.  Access needs to dry out before the work can begin and it is scheduled for the Spring.  Remove from Agenda.
  4. Review of Standing Orders and Code of Conduct:  Acceptance of the updated version was proposed by Cllr Barnes, seconded by Cllr Comyn and agreed by Cllr Jones.  A Data Protection Officer needs to be appointed.  The Clerk to investigate this.
  5. Salt and Grit bins and high viz tabards:  Cllr Barnes has updated the list. He will distribute the high viz tabard from Cllr Jones.  Cllr Comyn to provide a dustbin for Cllr Jones to fill to replace a missing one.  Cllr Jones has checked all the roadside bins and they are full.  Remove from Agenda.
  6. Petrol/cordless mower:  ongoing. 
  7. Dog fouling in the newsletter and on the website:  Done by the Clerk.  Remove from Agenda.
  8. Moss treatment in the Cemetery:  Remove from Agenda.
  9. Cemetery rail quotes:  Cllr Jones to update at the next meeting.



Cllr Jones











Cllr Barnes

Cllr Comyn

Cllr Jones






Cllr Jones


Matters Arising contd:

  1. Cemetery Risk Assessment:  Hard copy of the proposed Risk Assessment given to Cllr Comyn to review for next meeting.
  2. Collapsed fence along Blacklands:  Cllr Jones will speak to Stirling McGregor at the Glebe about the fence.  Cllr Comyn has received an acknowledgement from Lee Turner, regarding all the reported Highways issues, that he has forwarded the list to a colleague to respond.
  3. Carbon Neutral Sparsholt & Westcot:  The Clerk mentioned replacing lightbulbs with LED in the Newsletter.  DC Barrow to ask if a representative from the Vale of White Horse DC could attend a community event to advise parishioners on steps they can take to be more carbon neutral.


Cllr Comyn


Cllr Jones

Cllr Comyn




DC Barrow




  1. Finance Reports up to the 29th February:  Cllr Comyn read out the report and proposed acceptance of it, seconded by Cllr Barnes and agreed by Cllr Jones.
  2. Approval of any payments to be made:  £78.68 Clerk’s salary for February, £47.31 RFO’s salary for February, PAYE £93.80, £140.42 OALC subscription, £78.88 Clerk’s salary for March, £47.31 RFO’s salary for March, these payments were proposed by Cllr Comyn, seconded by Cllr Barnes and agreed by Cllr Jones.
  3. Any other finance matters:  Cllr Comyn proposed that the salary to the Clerk and RFO be paid monthly on time as the amounts, which follow the pay guidelines, are pre-agreed and not wait for a Parish Council meeting to agree them, seconded by Cllr Barnes and agreed by Cllr Jones.  Expenditure was discussed and maybe an event for VE Day could be considered or a contribution towards a bus service.  The Clerk to put a request in the Newsletter to see if anyone has any expenditure suggestions and Cllr Comyn to add a notice to the notice board.
















Cllr Comyn



New Applications:

P20/V0445/HH Eastmanton Farm:  Proposed new outbuilding, to provide covered secure parking, garden store, utility and storage to the main house.  New entrance gate.  Cllr Comyn proposed a response of ‘no objections’, seconded by Cllr Barnes and agreed by Cllr Jones.  The Clerk to submit the response.


P20/V0117/DIS Sparsholt Manor, OX12 9PT:  Discharge of conditions 4 – construction traffic management plan, 6 – biodiversity enhancement plan, 7 – tree protection, 8 – materials and 12 – railing details on application ref.  P19/V1955/HH Removal of existing linear drive and installation of a new redirected entrance driveway. – Temporary widening of existing entrance gates to facilitate construction traffic.  For information only.

  P19/V3346/HH and P19/V3347/LB The Old Vicarage, Church Way,

 OX12 9PU:  Single storey extension, new porch, internal and external

 remodeling.  Granted.

P19/V3342 1 Greendown Farm Cottages, Road between High Street and Godfreys Farm, Childrey:  Demolition of existing single storey side extension and erection of two storey side and rear extension.  Granted.






Cemetery:  Cllr Comyn stated that there was no items to report.



First draft of Sparsholt & Westcot Emergency Plan:  To be re-circulated for discussion at the next meeting.  Angie Brown has completed the form for the OXX Emergency planning department with details of the capacity etc of the Griffin Memorial Hall and contact numbers.  The Clerk to submit.

All PC’s




Correspondence sheet:  No comments.



Any Other Business:

  1. DC Paul Barrow mentioned the Wantage Hospital as he is part of the OX12 Review Group and the disappointment in the review by the Scrutiny Group.  There was limited information and not enough data. 
  2. The Clerk mentioned an email that Nick Price has sent regarding the possible purchase of a defibrillator for Westcot.  This would be difficult as it would have to be attached to a private property.
  3. Cllr Barnes to ensure the AED’s passcode is current and logged with the emergency services.







Cllr Barnes


Date of next Meeting:  AGM Wednesday 13th May 2020 starting at 7.00pm at the Griffin Memorial Hall.

The Parish Council may need to change this date as necessary.


Meeting closed at 8.20pm.  Minutes prepared by Mrs D Lewis-Pryde, Parish Clerk



SPC 4th March 2020