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Parish Council Minutes - Wednesday, 25th March 2020

on Tue, 19/05/2020 - 11:43am



Minute of the Meeting of Sparsholt Parish Council

Wednesday 25th March 2020 on Zoom at 7pm


Present on Zoom: Councillors Comyn (Chairman), Barnes, Jones and Jacobs and

DC Paul Barrow and five parishioners.


Apologies: The Clerk

Declarations of Interest & Reminder of the Code of Conduct: Councillor Comyn declared a non-prejudicial interest in planning application P20/V0526/FUL as a neighbour to the Lonsdale Estate but not adjoining the red-line application site. Councillor Jones declared a non-prejudicial interest in the same application as a former employee of the Lonsdale Estate.


Application P20/V0609/FUL: extension of temporary C2 use (care home/hospital) of the Glebe House to 2023.

The Chairman said that the application letter from JPPC 26th February 2020 indicated that the C2 use had been a success and that it was desired to extend the temporary use until the lease ran out in 2023.  That Sterling McGregor, the owner of the Glebe House, would not allow a permanent change of use wanting to retain the option of the house returning to a C3 dwelling.  That he, the Chairman, had no objections but was aware there had been incidents involving the emergency services attending.  Cllr Jones indicated that while he had no objection in principle to an extension, he was concerned that there should be 24 hour staff supervision on site.  The Chairman proposed and Cllr Jacobs seconded that no objections be raised in respect of the application for an extension but that a comment be made with regard to 24 hour supervision.  The motion was carried nem con.  The Chairman then undertook to respond accordingly to the Vale’s consultation.

Application P20/V0526/FUL Westcot Farm: Re-use of redundant/un-used farm buildings as dwellings.   The Chairman introduced the application noting that:

  • planning decisions were required to be made in accordance with the Development Plan unless material consideration indicated otherwise;
  • for up-to-date Local Plan Part 1 purposes, Westcot was in ‘open countryside’ and an unsustainable location for housing development;
  • policy CP4 of the Local Plan Part 1 stated that:

‘Development in open countryside will not be appropriate unless specifically supported by other relevant policies as set out in the Development plan or national policy.’

  • that the only ‘other relevant policy’ would be Development Policy 7: ‘Re-use, Conversion and Extension of Buildings for Dwellings in the Open Countryside’ in the Local Plan Part 2
  • that policy  DP7 was qualified. Conversion of existing agricultural buildings to dwellings “will be permitted provided that:
  1. the building is of permanent and substantial construction and capable of conversion without extensive reconstruction;
  2. it respects the character,appearance and setting of the original building, and
  3. it respects the rural landscape, character and locality, and
  4. it retains features of architectural or historic merit, where appropriate.”

Members discussed the merits of the proposed conversions of the Shepherd’s Cottage, the Workshop and the Grain Store Barn G. It was agreed that the proposed Shepherd’s Cottage and Workshop conversions met the (i) to (iv) criteria in DP7; and would enhance the character appearance and setting of the farmyard including the listed Grade II threshing barn.But the conversion of the Grain Store Barn G would not do so.It was noted that Barn G was a prominent agro-industrial building outside the farmyard to the north of the farm in countryside; that its conversion would involve ‘extensive reconstruction’ of the original building; that as proposed to be converted it would not respect the character, appearance and setting of the original building; nor would it respect the rural landscape, character or locality of Westcot.

Other deficiencies in the application were noted including the absence of a foul drainage scheme/strategy; the lack of a construction plan showing how the narrow lanes of the hamlet would not be damaged by construction/delivery lorries; how the vehicular traffic generation would be accommodated satisfactorily on the adjacent rural road network: and how the development failed to address the absence of any means of sustainable transport being made available to future occupants.

The Chairman, accordingly, proposed that the Parish Council objected to the proposed development of Barn G and gave reasons for its objection as invited to do so on the Vale consultation response form.The motion was seconded by Cllr Barnes and carried nem con. The Chairman undertook to draft the Council’s objection and to send it to the Vale.


The next meeting of the Parish Council was set for the 13th May 2020 subject to this being possible give the current Corvid-19 emergency.


Meeting closed at 7.40pm.Minutes prepared by the Chairman.