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Parish Council Minutes - Wednesday, 17th January 2018

on Thu, 22/02/2018 - 10:46am



Minutes of Meeting of Sparsholt Parish Council held on


Wednesday 17th January 2018 at Griffin Memorial Hall starting at 7.30pm


Present: Councillors Comyn (Chairman of the meeting), Barnes, Brown, Downie and Williams, the Clerk and 5 parishioners.







Apologies:  DC & CC Constance.



Declaration of Acceptance of Office, Declarations of Interest & Reminder of the Code of Conduct:  Cllr Brown declared a non-prejudicial interest in the Days House planning application on account of his sister in law, Sandy Humphreys living next door.



  Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 6th December 2017: 

  Cllr Brown proposed signing these as a true record, seconded by Cllr Downie and agreed by

  Cllr Williams.



Matters Arising: 

  1. B4507 50 mph speed restriction update:  Cllr Downie was unsure if the B4507 would meet the criteria for 50mph from the first Letcombe Regis turn out of Wantage (the end of the 30mph) to Ashbury, Wiltshire is already 50mph.  Cllr Brown has noticed that there are a number of signs along the road already and the posts could be used to hold the repeater 50 mph signs which need to be displayed every 1/10 of a mile, this should save money off the £1,000 each cost.  Cllr Brown to inform DC & CC Constance of this fact.  DC & CC Constance has submitted a report to OCC but Cllr Comyn suggests that the Parish Council write a supporting report.  Cllr Comyn to look at the criteria regarding dangerous roads.   Cllr Comyn to thank DC & CC Constance for writing and submitting her report and ask that Cllr Browns observations are added and that a meeting be arranged with OCC Highway Officers.  Cllr Comyn to add to the email to DC & CC Constance that obtaining an O.S. map and marking the danger spots, especially the ones that do not show eg. camber of the road etc and also logging the accidents from the accident report on it.
  2. Cemetery rules:  Cllr Comyn distributed copies of the revised Cemetery rules, amendments ere suggested, to be carried forward to the next meeting. Once agreed the rules will be sent to Nick to publish on the website.
  3. Potholes:  Cllr Comyn has written to Lee Turner about the potholes and the missing give way sign.  The hole in the bridge at the bottom of Westcot Lane was reported and has been repaired.  There is a dead tree overhanging the footpath which needs removing on and belonging to Caron Williams.  It came down in the snow.  The Salt bins have not been refilled from the store at Westcot Farm.  Cllr Comyn to check if the salt rota is still current and email a copy to Nick for the website.  Cllr Comyn to speak to Barry about access to Westcot Farm for refilling the salt bins.  Concrete lorries delivering to Days House have damaged the verges, mud was cleared from the road and Jason Strong the Builder has agreed to repair and reseed the damaged areas.  Eastmanton bend box hedge needs cutting back, Cllr Comyn to contact the owner as the house is vacant.
  4. Definitive Map:  Cllr Barnes is still waiting for this from OCC, it was suggested that he should write to Arthur McEwan-James at OCC.
  5. Leaves of Broadbrook Lane:  Cllr Williams has completed half of the footpath and will finish the work soon.






Cllr Brown


Cllr Comyn

Cllr Comyn










Cllr Comyn



Cllr Comyn



Cllr Barnes

Cllr Williams



  1. Precept Setting:  The revised Budget was discussed and Cllr Comyn proposed to set the Precept at £3,500.00, seconded by Cllr Brown and agreed unanimously.  The Clerk to submit the Precept request.
  2. Approval of any payments to be made:  Clerks salary £64.91, Hall hire £40.00 and Electricity for the meetings £16.00 were all proposed by Cllr Comyn, seconded by Cllr Barnes and agreed unanimously.
  3. RFO Vacancy:  The vacancy has been advertised and the Clerk reported that still no one has applied for the position.  The Clerk has all the finance folders etc and will prepare a report for the next meeting.
  4. Any other Finance matters:  None.






















  1. P17/2713/HH 5 West Street, Sparsholt, OX12 9PR:  Proposed two storey rear extension.  No decision.  DC & CC Constance has called it into the Planning Committee.
  2. P17/V2835/HH 1 New Farm Cottages Westcot, OX12 9QA:  The demolition of the existing garage to facilitate a two-storey extension to the eastern side of the current dwelling and a single storey extension to the rear. It is also proposed to incorporate a timber constructed carport with storage shed attached to the eastern side of the dwelling. It is proposed to replace existing porch with a timber-framed porch on brickwork walls.  Granted.
  3. P17/V2883/FUL Lodge Farm, Childrey, OX12 9XA:  The demolition of two existing buildings and subsequent construction of a two 18.825m wide x 30.658m long steel portal framed building for the purpose of storing grain.  Granted.
  4. P17/V3068/DIS (P15/V3041/FUL) Days House, Westcot, OX12 9QB:  Discharge of condition(s) 6 (drainage) of planning application P15/V3041/FUL Demolition of existing house on site, not Days House, dividing site and erection of new house attached to existing pool house.  No decision.
  5. P17/V3144/DIS Days House, Westcot, OX12 9QB:  Discharge of Condition 6 Drainage Details on application ref:  P17/V1299/FUL Demolition of bungalow/pool house (not Day House) Dividing site and erection of new house.  Granted.

  New Applications:

  1. P17/V2786/FUL and P17/V2787/LB Westcot Farm Westcot, OX12 9QA:  Conversion of the existing listed barn into 2 no residential accommodations.  The Parish Council viewed the revised plans and the response from the Planning Officer was considered.  There are still concerns about the septic tank as it is shown on agricultural land and should be oved to inside the development area.  Cllr Brown to compose a response and Cllr Comyn will submit it.
























Cllrs Brown and  Comyn


Cemetery and Cemetery Rail:    Cllrs Brown and Williams will complete a safety check on the Cemetery.  Cllr Brown still awaiting three quotes for the rail and gate work.

Cllrs Brown and Williams


Correspondence Sheet:  No comments.



Any other business: 

  1. Cllr Brown reported that Tim and Helen Harmsworth are renting the field called Golden Acre and one of the conditions was to remove the old caravans from the land.  These were put on the roadside ready for collection but the driver failed to turn up to collect them.  The caravans have been put back on the land while collection is re-arranged and apologise for an inconvenience this caused.



Dates of Next Meetings: Parish Council meetings Wednesdays 21st February, 21st March, 18th April and the AGM 16th May 2018 all starting at 7.30pm at the Griffin Memorial Hall.

The Parish Council may need to change this date as necessary.



Meeting closed at 9.04pm.

Minutes prepared by Mrs D Lewis-Pryde, Parish Clerk


SPC 17th January 2018