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Obituary & funeral details for Sheila Shalgosky

on Sat, 04/11/2017 - 1:29pm

Former Westcot resident and Childrey Primary School teacher, Sheila Shalgosky, who lived in Westcot for over 30 years until 1997 has passed away.

Sheila died at a care home in Warwickshire after many years suffering from vascular dementia. She was a few days shy of 89. 

She moved to Westcot in 1966 with her late husband Harry, and their two young daughters, Sarah and Charlotte. 

They converted an old Dutch barn sitting on a ploughed field into "Humber Barn". It was named after the river she and Harry knew growing up in Yorkshire. 

Sheila taught at Childrey C P School for some years from around 1967 under Mrs. Childerly and Mr. Coles, before leaving to teach art at St Mary's School, Wantage. Despite her formidable temper she was also very funny and inspired many pupils. 

The house and area were deeply loved and when the family left in 1997, she especially missed Westcot and the views of the Downs and Ridgeway from the garden, the subject of her many paintings.

Her funeral will be on Friday 17th Nov at 1pm at Oakley Wood Crematorium, Warwickshire.

No flowers please. Donations to RSPCA, Salvation Army and cancer charities.

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(provided by Charlotte & Sarah Shalgosky)