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News about Planning & Roadworks in Wantage

on Mon, 01/04/2019 - 6:20pm

News from the Wantage and Grove Campaign Group April 2019 Newsletter:-


Grove Airfield Forum takes place this week and we are members, so if there is anything you want us to raise with Persimmon or the Vale planners please let us know.

Crab Hill Forum has been posponed because as the Planners said "we could not get a room booking in Wantage, and the developer had little to report back on". St Modwen is building 70 homes behind the Cricket Pitch. Hayfield Homes got permission to build 82 homes north of the A417 and east of the new road entrance but decided not to go ahead so is finding an alternative builder. Cala Homes has permission to build 174 homes on the centre of the site. St Modwen has now applied for the detailed consent on the area to the west of the Lockinge footpath - the agreed strategy stated 80 homes would be built here but St Modwen want to build 102. We thought this was worth reporting on...

Lidl have amended their plans for a new store opposite Wolage Drive - they now want a separate entrance off the A338 between the Elm Farm entrance and the Mably roundabout.

The Care Home approved for Grove Road (opposite Autotype) wanted to delay planning it's landscape but has now withdrawn the request and has submitted draft plans - they don't look right for the slope at the back of the field.

We've been asked what was being built opposite Argos and can report that it will be a retail unit, two offices and 14 flats with private parking.

No news about the Leisure Centre but my guess is that it will be quietly dropped before the election.

And some good news: Grove Post Office will be reopen on 12 April in the Co-op, Grovelands Shopping Centre, Savile Way.

Road works:

Let's start with the A417 again:

  • Roadworks at East Hendred should be finished by 3 April
  • Thames Water will have traffic lights in West Hendred from 15-17 April
  • Crab Hill still has permission to put up traffic lights until the end of this week
  • There could be traffic lights on Charlton Road near the Lord Nelson anytime until 3 July for Gas Works
  • Mill Street could be closed 11-12 April for Thames Water
  • Challow Road outside King Alfreds West site could be closed from 13-17 April
  • Traffic lights are possible on the A417 at East Challow until 31 May
  • Traffic lights are possible on the A417 Faringdon Road between the Esso garage and Circourt Road until 15 May
  • And traffic lights on the A417 in Stanford in the Vale until 4 April.

That was the A417 - now the rest...

  • The A338 north of East Hanney could have lights until Thursday
  • The A338 at North Grove could keep traffic lights until 29 April
  • There could be hold ups near the Main Street/Station Road traffic lights on the A338 until Thursday and
  • possible Traffic Lights on Manor Road also until Thursday
  • Naldertown could be closed from 13-17 April and 29 April to 11 May.

If you want to look at road news yourself then go to

With thanks to Julie Mabberley, Campaign Manager, Wantage and Grove Campaign Group.

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