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Neighbourhood Police Update - December 2019

on Wed, 11/12/2019 - 1:15pm

Here is the latest update from the Faringdon Neighbourhood Policing Team (Sparsholt & Westcot are covered by the Faringdon Team, rather than Wantage).


Rural Crime: PCSOs from the team found a car parked off road in a field near Ashbury. It appeared to have been abandoned; a few minutes later two males were seen to emerge from a nearby field with one of them holding a Goshawk bird of prey. After stop checks on the males, one was found to be wanted on warrant and arrested by an officer.

A maroon quad bike was found abandoned near Great Coxwell, there were no marks to identify owner and it was recovered; a picture taken of the quad bike was shown on the ‘TVP South Oxon and Vale of White Horse’ Facebook site where the owner saw it, contacted Police and was reunited with their property.

Burglary: Over the past month we have carried out several crime prevention surveys where residents have been the victim of crime or have felt vulnerable. Traditionally the police have been seen as the crime prevention experts, but every organisation and householder, by working together with the police, can do their bit to reduce and prevent crime in their homes and reduce the fear of crime.

The aim of the survey is to give basic crime prevention advice which can include looking at the boundary/ perimeter (eg. fences, hedges, gates and garden), shell/ house (eg. walls, roof, external Doors and windows) and internal security (eg. intruder alarm, property marking, lighting).

Please click <here> to download our security guide which contains a range of physical and digital security measures to protect your home. There is also advice on how to avoid invalidating your home insurance through poor security and a handy checklist when going away. You can also click on a link to sign up to Thames Valley Alerts to receive local crime updates from us.

Witness appeals

Over the past month there have been five incidents of criminal damage where the glass windows at bus stops in Faringdon Road, Watchfield have been shattered.  Ball bearings from a catapult or something similar may have been used. If you have any details of who the offender/s maybe or any information please call 101 or email: [email protected]

Christmas burglary crime reduction advice

Five top tips on personal safety for a crime-free Christmas:

  • When Christmas shopping, be aware of how much you are carrying with you. iPods, digital cameras, mobile phones and extra cash to buy presents mean you could be the ideal target for thieves.
  • When you are out and about at Christmas, don’t leave your bag unattended. Keep your purse safe in an internal pocket, and don’t carry your PIN number with you.
  • Don’t leave your drink unattended. It takes a matter of seconds for someone to tamper with your drink.
  • Have you ever considered getting a personal safety alarm? Don’t allow threats of crime to intimidate you into never going anywhere alone. Just be aware of what’s going on around you and be confident that you can keep safe.
  • Plan your journey home. If you use a taxi, ensure it is registered. If you have to walk home, try and walk with a friend, stick to well lit and busy streets, and make sure someone knows the route you are taking.

Five top tips on home security for a crime-free Christmas:

  • Property-mark presents and valuables with your postcode, house number or name, then register on the Immobilise website ( a note of all model numbers and serial numbers of all electrical items.
  • Keep presents out of view – placing presents in plain view of windows will only draw attention to your house and its contents.
  • Be cautious when using social media such as Facebook – do you really want to advertise that your home is empty by showing you are somewhere else or having a countdown to your holiday?
  • Invest in a timer to open and close your curtains or turn on your lights or, better yet, ask a family member or neighbour to pop in and do it at random times of the day so a potential thief does not see an exact pattern.
  • Dispose of boxes and rubbish discreetly. Leaving boxes outside will give away the fact that you have new and valuable items in the house.

Staff changes

PC Tom Pryor has left Faringdon Neighbourhood Policing Team and has joined another department within TVP. Tom will be missed by his colleagues and the community. PC Carly Meads has joined us as a temporary replacement for PC Tom Pryor.

The team would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

Please get in touch/follow us using the following:

To report local problems such as graffiti, fly tipping, pot holes and

broken street lights please visit