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A local legend? Do you know anything about Ocean and Jaybez Pike?

on Tue, 06/10/2020 - 10:48am

Former Westcot resident Charlotte Shalgosky has been writing up her childhood memories of downland village life in Westcot, helped by calls to a few local pensioners still in the area.

Do you know anything about the local legend that she first heard about in the 1960s?

There used to be two old graves of Jaybez and Ocean Pike in Sparsholt Church near the main gate.

It was said that Ocean Pike had been "Queen of the Gypsies" and on her passing, fires were lit all along The Ridgeway.

Recently I was informed the old gravestones have been replaced with new ones.

Are there any relatives of this family still in the area who can tell me about this couple and if this tale is true?

Charlotte would love to know who Ocean and Jaybez Pike were.

Contact Charlotte by email (click).