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Local Business Spotlight - Westcot House - Gifts & Furnishings

on Fri, 02/11/2012 - 10:11am

Following on from my recent post about highlighting the range of local businesses that we have in Sparsholt & Westcot (see it <here>), Tor Saer, a resident of Westcot, has kindly agreed to be first up and get the ball rolling.

If you know of a local business or if you run/work at a local business that you would like to tell the community about (or if you think it's a bad idea and you have a better one), please let me know: get in touch by clicking <contact>.


Local Business - Westcot House


Tor runs a business specialising in cushions and hand-made gifts for the home. Her company - Westcot House - has grown through word of mouth and commissions.

"I started off by making things for my children’s bedrooms: giant floor cushions to match the curtains, bean bags and fabric-covered memo boards."

Tor now makes cushions in all shapes and sizes - including bolsters and window seats - and can use your own fabric or will source fabric to match your existing colour scheme. She also covers footstools, piano stools and makes dog beds of all sizes.

She uses feather pads and everything is made with attention to detail - all items are unique.

"I’m always on the look out for fabric with elephants on it, as my daughter loves them!" says Tor. Fabric designs incorporating dogs and horses are also very popular. Tor's favourite designers include Vanessa Arbuthnott (who lives near Cirencester), Ian Mankin, Designer’s Guild, Kate Forman and Susie Watson.

Other popular items are her door stops, filled with rice and with lavender from Tor's garden, which make great gifts. Last year Tor ran stalls at several Christmas fairs, with her aprons (which can be made in children’s and adult sizes) being amongst the most popular Christmas presents, along with wash bags and swimming bags, which are lined with waterproof fabric and can be personalised.

If you’d like to see more, go to her website or like ‘Westcot House’ on facebook - see below for details.

Some of Tor’s items are also for sale at the Travelling Souk (, and she is always very happy to discuss ideas & commissions.

For further information, including stock, prices and events, please see:-