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Letter from Revd Leonora Hill, 'Signpost' & services - November 2019

on Thu, 24/10/2019 - 10:00am

Revd Leonora Hill
Email: [email protected]

Dear Friends,

The Safeguarding policy for our parishes begins with these words, ‘We will provide a caring and respectful pastoral ministry to all’. It sounds simple but it is not. We so often judge others by our first impressions: a product of our subjective views formed by our culture and conditioning. We learnt recently of how England’s football players were subjected to racial chanting and Nazi salutes, a particularly chilling scenario as we remember the outbreak of the Second World War eighty years ago.

Discrimination and abuse takes many forms and can be found in institutions, nations and societies alike. But we deceive ourselves if, as individuals, we don’t recognise and take responsibility for our own prejudices and actions. In the first letter of John we read, If we say that we have no sin. We deceive ourselves. And the truth is not in us. (1 John. 8) It is then that we need to dig deep, repent and follow the example of Christ; so that as individuals and as a church we give a caring and respectful response to everyone we have the privilege to greet and meet.