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Letter from Revd Leonora Hill, 'Signpost' & services - March 2020

on Thu, 20/02/2020 - 3:00pm

Revd Leonora Hill
Email: [email protected]

Dear Friends,

As March begins we are into the ecclesiastical season of Lent. Christians around the world observe these 40 days in different ways from the traditional strict discipline of fasting, to giving up just one item (such as chocolate, alcohol, TV or social media). Many also take up the invitation to draw nearer to God by studying their Bible and praying more. Recently, many Christians have also been trying the ‘40 acts Challenge’ to approach Lent differently by using simple daily reflections and acts of generosity as a way of putting others first (

However you choose to prepare for Easter, I pray that this time of Lent will refocus your faith and help you to encounter afresh the resurrected Lord.

Gill Thompson