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Improve Your Internet Security For Free

on Fri, 12/01/2018 - 2:32pm

Domain Name Systems (DNS) are like public phone books for the web. They’re the reason you only need to remember a website’s name and not its IP address (think of these as phone numbers for computers). When you type “” into a browser, a DNS service translates that into the associated IP address ( for you.

Imagine a phone book that automatically filters and removes phone numbers known to be used for fraud. That’s what Quad9 does for websites. Quad9 provides an automated way to protect yourself and your business by blocking access to known malicious websites, like phishing sites designed to steal personal or banking details.

Quad9 checks the website to see if it listed as malicious.

Visit for a step-by-step guide on how to improve your online security in two minutes.

From an Action Fraud email received 11/1/18.

Editor's note:-

There are a number of these services available; none will completely protect you but they can help. Your choice.

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