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How to Have a Safe, Fun & Considerate Bonfire Night

on Fri, 01/11/2019 - 10:57am

Having your own fireworks party or celebrating with family and friends can be great fun.

But by far the safest way to enjoy a Bonfire Night is to attend a professionally organised event.

But if you do decide to host your own gathering, please be thoughtful & considerate: warn neighbours beforehand, so they can take extra care of their livestock, keep their pets indoors and, if necessary, take other precautions. 

  • Note of the strength & direction of any wind and manage your fireworks and any bonfire accordingly.
  • Ensure that any bonfire is at least 100 metres from thatched properties.
  • Ensure that fireworks can't land on any thatched properties.
  • Select the fireworks with care; try to include a mix of fireworks that are not considered too noisy such as Catherine wheels and sparklers.
  • Only buy fireworks from reputable dealers. All fireworks should carry a CE mark. 
  • Only burn dry 'clean' wood/garden waste; do not burn household rubbish & waste, such as plastic, foam, paint or rubber.
  • Do not leave bonfires unattended, even if it is just smouldering - douse it with water if necessary
  • After your display, clear up all the spent fireworks and dispose of safely.

Please be considerate to others and remember that fireworks should not be let off between 11pm and 7am (this is extended to midnight on Bonfire night). And that setting off a firework in a public place is an offence.

Always follow the fireworks code: