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Heating oil discount buying scheme - currently ~45p per litre

on Fri, 06/09/2019 - 12:13pm

As with other energy costs, prices for heating oil have varied hugely over the past few years.

Improve your chances of getting the best possible deal by buying your heating oil as part of a community buying scheme, taking advantage of group buying discounts.

Community First Oxfordshire runs our local 'oil buying scheme', which is open to households, businesses and community organisations that use oil to heat their premises.

What it costs

CFO's rate for heating oil in July 2019 was just under 45p a litre; saving tens of £'s on standard supplier prices.

An annual membership fee of £24 (households, inc. VAT), which covers as many oil orders as you need during the course of a year, covers administration costs.

Apply & find out more

The scheme is managed by local volunteer co-ordinator and Childrey resident Jane B, who is happy to answer any questions or queries you may have; you can email or call her:-

Community First Oxfordshire (previously The Oxfordshire Rural Community Council - ORCC) has been supporting local village life across the county since 1920.

Further details on the wider work that ORCC does can be found at the following site:-