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Free way to check that you're on the best mobile phone plan for your usage

on Sat, 24/03/2018 - 3:14pm

52% of people apparently have a mobile phone contract that's too large for them, wasting money.

Billmonitor’s consumer service was the first mobile tariff comparison service to be officially accredited by Ofcom, the UK telecommunications regulator.

Their analysis lists alternative contracts that are more closely suited to what you need: no more, no less & likely saving you money.

  1. Billmonitor analyses your mobile bills
  2. Analyses your usage against 2 million contracts
  3. Billmonitor matches your usage to an alternative contract
  4. Bill Check-up helps you save during your current contract and alerts you when you’re free to switch to a new contract

Their Bill Check-up service helps you get the most out of of your mobile contract and alerts you when you're free to switch, then matches you to a better new contract.