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Do you have any unwanted or broken tools?

on Fri, 26/07/2019 - 2:48pm

DON'T take them to the tip! They can be used to help a poor person in Africa earn a living. If you have old garden tools like forks, hoes, secateurs etc taking up space in your shed or garage, please put them to good use. 

Dave Laskey in Longcot will repair, clean and sharpen them for the Tools For Self Reliance charity   

Dave will also be pleased to accept workshop tools like planes, saws, chisels etc. The condition doesn't matter.  In fact Dave can find a good home for most things! Whether it's an old camera, car tools, a sewing machine or a fax machine, he will fix it for use in Africa or sell it to raise money for the charity.

Dave works in partnership with friends who volunteer for related charities in Stanford (Workaid) and Baulking - Tools With A Mission