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Deer attacked by dogs - please be vigilant and considerate

on Thu, 25/03/2021 - 1:45pm

From Barry Jones, Sparsholt:-

In the last two days I have had to destroy two roe deer, which were severely injured in dog attacks. The neck region and back legs had been bitten and torn.

This may be a result of poaching with Lurchers, or resident/visiting dog owners not in control of their dogs.  

If you see any poaching activities, please report directly to the police on 999.

These deer were still alive, suffering with awful, infected bite wounds and were too weak to move. These are only two we have found to date, but there could be more hiding in woodlands, suffering.  

Please remember that deer will be giving birth in the next few weeks and fawns are very vulnerable to dogs off their leash or out of control.

There will also be lambs in our fields from this week onward. A farmer in Devon lost over 20 lambs due to one horrific dog attack last week.

Loose dogs will not be tolerated around livestock and appropriate actions will be taken to protect them. 

Your help and vigilance to help prevent any future occurrences would be appreciated.

Barry Jones
24th March, 2021