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Coronavirus Update - May 14th 2020

on Thu, 14/05/2020 - 3:30pm
  1. Keep your distance from people outside your household
  2. Keep your hands and face as clean as possible
  3. Work from home if you can
  4. Avoid being face-to-face with people if they are outside your household
  5. Reduce the number of people you spend time with in a work setting
  6. Avoid crowds
  7. If you have to travel (for example, to work or school), think about how and when you travel
  8. Wash your clothes regularly
  9. Keep indoor places well ventilated
  10. Wear a face covering in enclosed spaces, where social distancing isn’t possible
  11. When at work, follow the advice given to you by your employer

​Full details here:-

Image with thanks to BBC