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Caution - doorstep sellers

on Wed, 09/06/2021 - 10:03am

From Ally at West Challow:-

A number of West Challow residents have reported visits from a young man believed to be a ‘Nottingham Knocker’.

Locals are advised to be vigilant when answering the door to anyone unknown to them.

The following information, based on guidance by Thames Valley Police, briefly explains how the ‘Nottingham Knockers’ scam works, and guidance if you receive a visit.

Nottingham Knockers are typically young men carrying a backpack or holdall.

The sellers may say that they are on a “rehabilitation course” arranged by probation services or other organisations trying to find people work. Probation services do not run such schemes.

They may show a card which claims to be a “Pedlars Licence” or work permit. This is not valid and they are breaking the law if they are using anything like this. They may also hand over a card saying they are deaf or dumb.

The sellers will try to sell household goods, for example tea-towels, often at over-inflated prices.  The price for whatever has been purchased usually comes to a round note – usually £10. According to Police, the seller will examine any bank notes paid by the householder, and the property at which they reside, to determine whether the householder and their property may be a suitable target for further fraud or other crimes.

Sadly, it is the elderly and vulnerable who are of the greatest interest to Nottingham Knockers.

Villagers are advised to never agree to any uninvited doorstep sale, be it for goods or services.

If you believe that you are in receipt of a visit from a ‘Nottingham Knocker’, tell them that you are not interested and request that they leave.

You can call the Police on 101, to report the individual and any associated vehicle that they may be using.