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Cafe Scientifique: Quantum computing: a new era? - 2nd Tues (11/5), 7.30pm

on Tue, 11/05/2021 - 8:30pm

Quantum computing: a new era? with Simon Plant

Quantum computers have long been predicted to offer significant speed-ups over even of the most advanced supercomputers for certain tasks, with applications ranging from drug discovery to complex logistics and planning. This ‘quantum advantage’ would represent a paradigm shift in computing power, with profound impacts for research, business and the wider economy.  However, quantum computing remains very much in its infancy, and an international race is underway to build the world’s first general-purpose quantum computers. This talk will explore the background and current status of this endeavour, and why quantum computing matters.
Dr Simon Plant is Interim Deputy Director for Innovation of the National Quantum Computing Centre and has a background in research and commercialisation of quantum technologies.

7.30pm Tuesday 11th May 2021

Join us by zoom (click) at 7.15pm for prompt 7.30pm start.

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