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Be a good neighbour during lock-down

on Thu, 09/04/2020 - 6:23pm

Everyone is being urged to be good neighbours as the combination of lockdown and good weather throws up new challenges for everyone.

Spending most of our day at home means that we are spending more time with the people we live with and those who live close by, our neighbours

Most of us are confined to our homes and this can cause stress, anguish and frustration.

Please consider what you're doing, when you're doing it and the level of noise you may create, as it can cause distress or upset to those nearby. 

  • Reduce TV, gaming or music volume, in particular reduce the bass or use headphones.
  • Think of the time you might carry out DIY, in home or outside.
  • Think about whether it's neccessary to light a bonfire.

The Vale's Environmental Health team can be contacted by telephone (01235 422403), although please remember that they too are likely to be working from home.

More on the Vale's website here:-