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LOCAL: B4507 - Multiple closures January through March 2022

on Mon, 24/01/2022 - 8:00am

The B4507 will be closed at multiple places during January, February & March 2022, for various telecoms and resurfacing works.

It isn't currently 100% clear, but it may be that these closures are variously between 8am and 5pm (telecoms) and 9.30am & 3.30pm (roadworks), rather than complete 24 hour closures (tbc).

Full details can be found on (click).

  • T9588 24-28 Jan B4507 seemingly between both Westcot junctions (telecoms)
  • T9685 3-4 Feb B4507 between Wantage & Childrey (roadworks)
  • T9686 7-11 Feb B4507 between Childrey & Kingston Lisle (roadworks)
  • T9687 14-16 Feb B4507 between Kingston Lisle & White Horse (roadworks)
  • T9688 17-23 Feb B4507 between White Horse & Compton Beauchamp (roadworks)
  • 24 Feb to 1 March B4507 between Ashbury & Idstone (roadworks)