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5 things that will reduce your carbon footprint, that could also save you money

on Fri, 30/04/2021 - 9:31am

Take a moment to think about what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.

There are plenty of options, many of which could save you money too.

Here are 5 that can have a big impact:-

  1. Switch to an energy supplier that uses 100% renewable energy; it's simple, safe and easy to do (often, cheaper too).
    Click <here> for more info.
  2. Reduce the amount of red meat & dairy products that you eat.
    Click <here> for more info.
  3. Switch to a car that gets better miles to the gallon, pollutes less & that costs less to run. Better still, consider an electric car (or, as a less expensive stop-gap, a hybrid), if you can afford to. Reduces your annual road tax too.
    Click <here> for more info.
  4. Review what you recycle and what the Vale can accept - you might be surprised at what can now be recycled. Also, reuse, repair, pass on and donate where you can.
    Click <here> for more info.
  5. Walk or cycle - did you know that there's a route to Wantage that sticks mostly to footpaths, that's great for adults and children to walk or cycle? There's also now a cycling route that connects Wantage with Abingdon and Didcot.

Covered those? Also consider:-

  1. Moving to an ethical bank - one that doesn't invest in fossil fuels. Click <here> for more info.
  2. Replacing older light bulbs with low energy LED bulbs that reduce your electricity bill and last longer, costing less all round.
  3. Avoid using a tumble dryer if possible - they use a lot of energy and shorten the life of your clothes.
  4. Do you use Amazon? Set your delivery preference to deliver once a week, on a specific day; try not to succumb to next day deliveries.
  5. If you travel, try to reduce the number of flights you take.
  6. Review your personal hygiene products and household cleaning products; use soap bars instead of plastic packaged shower gels, use refillable containers for shampoo, cleaning products etc.
    In Wantage, & are good options.
  7. Actively look for better alternatives to disposable electronic items that contain batteries & that can't be replaced, like wireless earphones. Wired alternatives generally last longer, are better for the environment and can sound better too.
  8. When you have to replace large electrical items, such as fridges, washing machines and TVs etc, compare the energy ratings of the new items and ask the supplier to recycle the old units.
  9. Take a look at the Giki website (click) - it will help you work out your carbon footprint & help you find simpler, more achievable ways of reducing it.
  10. Take a look at the Sustainable Wantage 'Re-use, repair & recycle' website (click).

More from the BBC here:-