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Local Elections – Thursday 4 May 2023 - Photo ID now required

on Fri, 03/02/2023 - 6:47pm

On Thursday 4 May 2023, everyone aged 18 or over who is eligible will have the chance to vote in the district council election.

By voting in this election, you will help to choose local councillors to make decisions on important issues, such as where we should focus our efforts locally to help tackle climate change, where and how new housing gets built, how we work to ensure there’s enough affordable housing and much more.

Residents in some areas will also be able to vote in parish or town council elections.

New for 2023 – to vote at the polling station in this election you must bring


Electricity Grid Demand Flexibility - reduce your power usage and be rewarded

on Wed, 01/02/2023 - 12:32pm

From an item in this month's always excellent 'Sustainable Wantage Newsletter' - see the original <here>.

You may have read in the media about the new National Grid Demand Flexibility Service, which allows people to help the electricity grid by reducing their electricity use for 30 minutes to 3 hours when the system is stressed. Customers will receive rewards for doing this, while the grid benefits by having a new way to respond to peaks in demand. This responsivity is especially important as we move towards higher levels of renewable power.

Although a little complex to set up, the scheme


Childrey Chillbuster - Warmth, soup & hot drinks - every Thursday, 12-2pm

on Wed, 01/02/2023 - 12:04pm


Signpost & Church services - February 2023

on Wed, 01/02/2023 - 12:00pm

Download a PDF copy of 'Signpost' at the link below.

Revd. Mary Harwood
[email protected]
Tel: 01235 76925
Mobile: 07721 437316

Dear Friends,

We have some splendid churches in our villages of great historical and architectural interest, and although in close geographical proximity, they are each unique, reflecting the story of their community over the years. The church is often the largest building in a country parish and comes into its own at times like Christmas: all the churches in our Benefice were comfortably full for our Carol and Christmas services.


New - cheaper - Oxford Park & Ride ticket scheme

on Tue, 31/01/2023 - 5:05pm

Get straight to the heart of Oxford on buses that run up to every 10 minutes from 5 parking sites.

It's now £4 for a combined parking and return bus ticket for one adult and up to three children. For two adults, it’s only £1 more.

These fares include parking for up to 16 hours at the Park&Ride site and return bus travel to Oxford City Centre.

Available to purchase from the machine at the Park&Ride site or the RingGo app or website.

More details here:-


Proposal for giant local reservoir faces continued opposition

on Tue, 31/01/2023 - 4:25pm

Renewed efforts by water companies to move forward with proposals for a giant reservoir near Abingdon are again facing opposition in Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet today discussed its draft responses to a series of consultations taking place concerning future water supplies, including the Water Resources South East (WRSE) draft regional plan.

The WRSE plan includes proposals for a reservoir located between Abingdon, East Hanney, Steventon and Marcham, which would hold up to 100 million cubic metres of water – known as the South East Strategic Reservoir Option (SESRO) –


Oxfordshire County Council - Updated budget plans - January 2023

on Tue, 31/01/2023 - 4:20pm

Updated budget proposals for 2023/24 at Oxfordshire County Council include more funding than when proposals were first announced in late 2022 but also significant further pressures on services that stem from escalations in inflation and growing demands.

The newly updated position and revised proposals were agreed by the county council’s cabinet on 24 January and would see some previously announced savings no longer being taken forward. These now need to be considered by a meeting of the full council on 14 February.

Meanwhile £4.9 million is proposed to promote access to public transport and


Finding it hard to pay for food and energy bills? The Vale could help

on Tue, 31/01/2023 - 3:56pm

The Household Support Fund scheme has opened again for people finding it hard to cope with the rising cost of food and energy bills.

South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils have reopened the scheme to help households meet the costs of life’s essentials.

The fund is initially open for applications to help eligible households that have not received any support from the fund previously. However, from 13 February, if funds remain, it will be opened up wider to households that have received some funding in the past but not since May last year.

Residents can apply for support


Cllr Dr.Paul Barrow - Report for Parishes - February 2023

on Tue, 31/01/2023 - 3:00pm

Planning - national consultation

The overall guidance on planning is provided by central government under the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF, .

Local Plans (ours can be seen at: are obliged to refer to the NPPF and work within this framework in setting out their ore local vision for development.


Childrey & Sparsholt Newsletter - February 2023

on Mon, 30/01/2023 - 3:27pm

Download a PDF copy of the current Childrey & Sparsholt Newsletter by using the link below.

Contact for Childrey & Sparsholt printed newsletter articles: