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Letter from Revd Leonora Hill, 'Signpost' & services - July/Aug 2017

on Wed, 28/06/2017 - 8:00pm

Revd Leonora Hill
Email: [email protected]

Dear Friends

Bishop Steven recently wrote a letter to the Diocese outlining his hopes and vision for the future.  Below are some key points from this letter.

“At Pentecost, God poured out the Holy Spirit on the early Church. The Spirit changes everything and helps us to become more like Jesus Christ.  The Spirit equips and empowers us for God’s mission in every age.  The Spirit helps us to be salt and light in God’s world.  Our world faces many challenges.  The recent terror attacks in Manchester and London remind us of the challenge of building a strong and united society. The world and our nation need us to be the best Church we can be in such times as these.

I have now visited 22 of our 29 deaneries where I have listened to what is happening across the diocese.  So far, I’ve met with over 2000 people who have shared their hopes, vision and questions with me. I look forward to visiting the remaining 7 deaneries by the end of July.  I’ve seen a huge amount that is good. I’ve talked in my deanery visits about the kind of Church we are called to be. The simple call to become a more Christ-like Church has resonated very deeply whenever I have shared it.  The Beatitudes in Matthew’s gospel speak to us very clearly about what it means to be a Christ like Church: we are called to be contemplative, compassionate and courageous in all we attempt together. There are new things happening in our wider society.  The population is growing.  Our work in schools is developing. We must reflect on all these changes and decide where our new priorities lie and what kind of future we want to build together.

At a recent conference I gave three reflections based on the story of the raising of Lazarus on what it means to be a contemplative, compassionate and courageous church.  These themes were welcomed by people of many different traditions.  You can find these reflections on the  diocesan website together with other materials from the conference.

Please pray with me that we continue to become more contemplative, compassionate and courageous and that we put Christ at the heart of everything we do as we move forward together.

With love and prayers
+Steven “